Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pics of our daytrip to the Sunshine Coast!

How many ferries give you this kind of view?!
Rian and Uncle Mike!

We took a short walk in Porpoise Bay Provincial Park (about a mile from our new land) - Rian loved the rocks!

Our cutie!

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Seaview Road, Sechelt Inlet! Pete and I are buying land!

With a nearly 2-year old toddler who doesn't sleep well in new places (3-6 times waking a night when travelling), we've decided to build a cabin about 2 hours away from our home in East Van. It is a 30 min drive to Horseshoe Bay in West Van, a 40 min ferry - that Rian loves! - then a 35 min drive up the Coast!
We found a terrific 1/2 acre plot of land with water views over Sechelt Inlet . Our land would be in between these two water views...

Our year-round cabin will have 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so we can have guests! We'll also have a huge vaulted living room and large deck overlooking the view!

If we took out some trees - not the beautiful Arbutus in this pic above of course - it would be an amazing view!
We could keep our canoe at the local beach - a 10-min walk away!

How fantastic is this?

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Rian and Sam!

Tammy and I have been trading babysitting and our little guys are SOOOO cute together!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One of our favorite weekend activities is taking a walk in Lynn Valley...
Rian just loves throwing rocks in the river! The rocks seem to get bigger every time we're here but he's good at not hurting himself!
Mike is Rian's coach - just check out that concentration and technique!
Nova loves it too!
My good lookin' family!
Do you think we're raising a nature lover?

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Rian at Science World!

Its been raining most weekends here so we went to Science World to play!

Rian has fun with the groovy toys - so much so that we have to drag him out screaming at closing time...

I mean, we don't give him a big mallet at home and let him bonk things.

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Most Canadians grew up watching the "Beach-combers" about a small little community on the West Coast of people who made their living collecting stray logs. Molly's Reach was their main caf' and as such, its a tourist attraction!
Here's Mike on a recent trip to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.

We saw our amazing family realtor Tim Hiltz who helped buy homes for Uncle Kyle, Uncle Mike and Nanna (not to mention several work colleagues). He now lives on the Coast and we're thinking about getting some land up there for a cabin.

Rian liked playing with Woody and Buddha, Tim and Mark's babies!
Finally, Rian and Nova on the way to a walk! Aren't they cute?!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday at Kindergym!

Our babysitter Pam was sick yesterday so Tammy and I started a daytime babysitting exchange.

Rian, Sam and I went to Kinder- gym.

In the extra logistics of getting 2 little guys going, I forgot the snacks! Rian sat at the little table looking hungry...

But thankfully we saw the other Sam! Anne-Marie is the fairy godmother of snacks!

Tammy called this his Austin Powers look: "You're a tiger, baby! The camera loves you! Rrreow!"

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Best of February 2007!

We took so many great pics this month!

Its hard as Rian's official blog-journalist to choose the best pictures, so this posting will be a smorgasboard of unpublished pics of our past month!

It was great having my little sister visiting from Saskatoon!

She didn't like having her picture taken but got this great one with Kelty dashing off and Rian doing one of his signature backflips.

And in flipping away from the ever-ready camera, we got this cool picture! LOVE it!!!

Rian does weekly adventures with Nanna! Here they are at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Park looking at the birds!

Don't make him call!

Can you spot the bird?

Rian doesn't understand the nuances of poker...
Bluffing a bad hand isn't one of his talents yet!

Snack-in-hand we're happy though!

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Walk in Lynn Valley!
... that black blur is our trusty-if-untrained dog, (Super) Nova!

Rian and I having a laugh!

Only a few rocks between Rian and the raging creek - our little guy does love a challenge!

Clever guy - does it himself but not afraid to ask for a little help!

Nova (aka the black streak) slowed down enough for me to get one picture in focus!

Checking out the water... or in Rian-speak, "Wah-Dah"!

If rock throwing was an Olympic sport, Rian would be bring home the Gold!

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