Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The rest of the Thanksgiving pictures!

Mom hosted the big meal with us, lil' brother Kyle, Mike, our colleague Roy, his partner Alan and Carmen, who just started at the BC Centre for Disease Control as well.

Roy gave us a rendition of the Village People's YMCA!

Alan, Mom/Nanna and Mike!
And while Rian didn't eat much, he helped with the clean up!

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Finally, new pictures! Finally, the pictures of Grandpa Bonny's visit over a month ago!

Here are the three Bonny men!

And again!

Rian really loved seeing his Grandpa - and I think Grandpa loved seeing him too!

Do they look related?! It was a truly wonderful trip and so nice that Rian can know his family, even if they live so far away!

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