Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rian LOVES trains and obviously the word has gotten out!

We got trains from Grandpa Bonny!

And Auntie Wendy, Uncle Alex and wonderful cousins Mandy and Lucy!

What is Xmas without a shiny new trike with big ribbons on it under the tree?! Yea Nanna!

Speaking of traditional Xmas gifts, Pete got boxers!

Mike got hair (and a groovy hat)!

Shaping up to be a very nice Christmas!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Morning!

But first, a flashback to last Christmas (2005)! Rian was barely sitting up on his own... and our house looked so uncluttered!

Oh yes! Now we're a year older and we LOVE Christmas!

Auntie-'Oddmother Kirst's stocking just barely fit all the loot from Santa!

Uncle Mike gave us a fort! A real fort!

Then we helped Daddy with his stocking!

And Mommy with hers...

But Mike didn't need any help at all! I think Santa got him a rubber duckie!

And Nanna! Looking festive!

Christmas Eve at Science World!

We love our neighbourhood, not least of all because the uber-groovy Science World is a a 5-min drive or 1-stop on the skytrain!

There are slides!

There are parachutes!

And when the little guy goes to bed, the Parents, Nanna and Uncle Mike wait up for Santa while playing poker!

Quote of the night was, "Oh shucks, don't think I have anything.... oh well, maybe I'd better look again... Ho Ho Ho! Look! 4 Jacks!" After which he started making images of elephants with all his pennies, I mean, winnings. Guess who that was?! Hint: it was the guy with the antler-santa hat!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Its Christmas Eve!

Rian went to the park today!

This is one of our favourite local parks with the mosiacs and the climbing rocks!

And benches when we need to sit and contemplate our New Year resolutions...

Merry Christmas Eve Weekend!

Not a moment too soon, we figured we'd better decorate the Xmas tree before Monday.

Rian was a huge help!

And Rian did this one all by himself!

How cute is this?!?!
Pete with our traditional top o' the tree wire Rooster made by a local artist!

This morning Pete and Rian went with Oscar and Daniel to Maplewood Farm.

Rian's just learning all of the animal sounds so it was great fun for him!

Looks like Daniel loved the bunnies!

Party with our Drive Family Friends!

Earlier this week we had a terrific potluck party with Rian's little mates the Sams and Jonah!

Sam and his Mom Tammy loving the gifts!

Puzzles are an easy way to Jonah's heart, seen here with his Mom Libby!

Sam didn't really like the furniture arrangement so he made a few last-minute changes. The other Sam didn't seem to notice....

Sam and his Dad Neil!

And Sam and his folks!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend in Whistler!

There has been some crazy weather here in BC recently - record rains, snow in Nov, typhoon-like winds - but we still made it up for some fantastic snowboarding in Whistler over the weekend!

Rian, Mom and I took the gondola up Whistler Mountain while Pete spent the day on the slopes!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We also got to see Joanne and her amazing two children Josh (1 year older than Rian) and Rachel (1 year younger than Rian).

They say lightening doesn't strike twice but not in the Farber household with 2 happy little people!

Rachel! Too cute for words!!!

We played at the park and Josh climbed up the wall on his own!

Can you tell that both his parents are marathon runners?


The final stop of our mega-trip was Toronto to see our wonderful friends.

Rian's 'Oddparents are Kirst and Chris!

We were lucky enough to be able to storm the castle as part of a big annual medieval festival!

We met up with Brayden and his Mom Tanya - here he is with a shield made by Mythical Merchant, Kirst's enterprise!

Enjoying veggie booty!

Playing in the leaves!

Anna, Kirst and Chris' closest friend is a rising star in the fencing world.

Meanwhile the battles and swordfights raged outside!

Rian had a fab time! Ok, ok... he doesn't look too happy here but its only because he hated being contrained by the stroller with fun to be had!

Love Kirst's armour!