Thursday, November 16, 2006

London calling....

We went on for a short visit to see our friends Pete, Fiona and their 4.5 year old son Ewan in London.

Ewan even sorted through his toys to find ones that Rian would like! He's a lovely little dude!

Rian had fun in the British-sized bath!

Leaving Malvern...

We sadly had to say goodbye to Grandpa Bonny and his wonderful girlfriend (Grandma) Sylvia!

The 3 Bonny's - can anyone see a family resemblance?!

And the Bonny-Roberts....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Our final day in Malvern we spent with Grandpa at the local playgound at Priory Park!

Rian loves slides - and its always nice to get a little help!

Rian and I on the elephant...

Fun was had by all!

Malvern is a lovely part of the world!
Family visit to Malvern, UK. part 2
It was wonderful seeing the family all in one place - sadly cousin Chris was in school this week.

Gotta love family!!

We took a walk on some beautiful land which Aunt Sue and Uncle Peter own... it almost made me miss England.

Grandpa Bonny and Rian!

Izzy and Mandy, on the path less travelled.

Rian's Aunt Sue and Wendy, Pete's sisters!

Every night we had a gourmet feast at Teal Farm - here are Izzy, Mandy and Chris just before supper.

Lucy, waving hi!

Mandy was always showing Rian something new, here with Grandpa.

Chris, who happens to be an excellent rugby player [rugby, for our North American blogviewers, is like a more brutal form of football without the protective kit... I don't really understand why anyone would play it - it sounds too rough for me - but seems to be popular across the pond].

Izzy, Rian and Chris in their amazing playroom!

Check out some of the ribbons from the horse jumping events that Izzy and Chris have won... pretty impressive, eh?!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Visit to Malvern and Teal Farm, part 1

Our first stop in the UK was for Rian to meet most of his British relatives for the first time . Rian is here with his whole wonderful family (counter-clockwise from the top: Aunt Susan, Uncle Pete, Lucy, Izzy, Sylvia, Grandpa, Dad, Aunt Wendy, Chris and Mandy).

Rian LOVED visiting with his only cousins!

Rian learned piano! From the top, he's here with Lucy, Izzy and Mandy.
Getting a private lesson from Lucy!

Reading a book with Izzy.
From left to right - Lucy, Chris and Izzy

Chris and Rian driving a truck, I think.

The back of Chris' head building Rian a tower, with Mandy right beside!

Izzy and Rian on Safari!

Here with Izzy and Mandy... and a camel!

Cousin Lucy, posing with some safari wild animal food. Somehow Pete and Rian managed to get food over the nice new rental car.

Rian wasn't too impressed to be back in his carseat after the safari, posing here with Mandy.

Playing blackjack with Cousin Chris!

Cousin Mandy, UK's next Top Model!

And Cousin Izzy, winning at checkers!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Greetings all! We've been away for a super-sized holiday to Montreal, the UK and Toronto. Rian and I just got back last night (Pete has had the weekend to recover without us).

I'll start the vacation series with Montreal, our first stop!

Pete's long time friend Geraint, his pregnant again wife Florence and their amazing son Trystan (nearly 6 years old now) live in Montreal.

Trystan and Rian had a great time together! Rian had his own chauffeur! Needless to say, Trystan is already a better driver than his dad - but the upside down VW bus is another story...

The boys had fun at the park on the waterfront in Old Montreal...

... and at the Biodome!

We went to the viewpoint on Mont Royal - its fun being a tourist!

I was a bit worried that I hadn't coordinated things well with seeing my friends on the trip but thankfully hooked up with Becka, my friend from high school!

Good thing too - she knew all the great restaurants...yuuuumm, Tonkinese soup! Ok, maybe Rian's mush doesn't look too appetizing but...

Montreal was fantastic!