Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sure in every culture there is a holiday that is solely implemented by eating food! Lots and lots of food!

For North Americans, Thanksgiving is all about feasting so we had a Sunday brunch with the Sams, Jonah and 7-month old Euan!

I love toddler parties - kinda hard to take oneself too seriously! AnneMarie and Dan - and yep, that's Jonah with a bucket on his head!

Rian looks good in orange!

Euan tried to pretend he didn't really know the other four...

Rian likes his mates!

Libby and Dan (with Jonah's lil' bro in there some- where!)

Eat well all!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Grandpa Bonny's visit!

Pete's dad was visiting for latter-half of Sept! He had a great visit, going to ScienceWorld, Bard on the Beach, Kiri Te Kanawa concert, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, not to mention the beaches, playgrounds, Little Nest cafe, etc!

Rian also likes our new light....

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Cabin Update! Pete went up to Sandyhook, Sechelt Inlet a few weeks ago and took this picture of our soon-to-be-cabin!

Its been a slow summer while we've waited for permits and a development variance for our entry steps but finally some action!

Our septic is in and our lil' cabin marked out in orange!

The foundation should be poured by now so we are hoping that by mid-Oct, the pre-fab house can be set up - not a moment too soon for my Mom who has been graciously storing all of my craigslist bargains, like cabinets, sinks, dishes, a bathtub, showerstall, dressers, etc.

We're already taking bookings of friends and family! We may not be in by Xmas (unless we want to rough it and freeze) but definitely next spring!

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