Thursday, July 05, 2007

Canada Day BBQ!
The Sams (and their parents Anne-Marie & Neil, and Tammy & John) came over for a feast to celebrate our fine nation's Dominion...
Nothing says party like ice cream cones!

Rian scarfed his down the fastest! This is his "Please... Moa... Moa please" look! Our in-house Oliver!
Sam did his best "impression of a 20th Century Dictator"!
Sam totally mastered the slide! He and Rian took turns... kinda...
Sam thought the digger was pretty cool... well, I think he called it a 'front-end excavator' as trucks are his thing!
Rian in the fort, saying 'cheese' for the camera! Its kinda cute, in a scary way!
Sam puts all his energy into his laugh! Talk about a big expression!
The other Sam has a pretty charming laugh too!

In all, we all had a wonderful afternoon... us parents doing what we do best - sittin' around, talkin' and drinkin'!
Tammy and John!
Happy Canada Day all!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rian and Nova at the local dog park! It was a beautiful weekend so we played ball!

How many parks have this kind of mountain view?
Nova is our wonderful family dog! She's not the most obediant (our fault for dropping out of doggie kindergarten) - but we love her to bits!

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Rian in the park with Sam!

Rian is quite cautious but a terrific climber!

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