Saturday, June 30, 2007

We stopped by Rice Lake on our recent biking expedition!

Mike and Rian share the same fashion sense with a theme of high visibility!

Happy visitors!

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Biking at Lower Seymour Reserve!
Our UK friends Sam and Simon love biking so we went into the woods... ok, on paved trails but this path runs 8 km through the North Vancouver mountains!

Simon and Mike took the biking seriously! Simon was a good role model for helmet safety...
Rian just looked cute!

With our new propane fueled Ford F-150 truck, we can transport 6 people and five bikes... kinda...

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Sam and Simon in Van- couver!!
Our and Mike's mates from the UK are visiting us!
We took a trip to the Sunshine Coast where Simon got in touch with his inner cave-man....

Mike will like this picture... because it was just seconds before Simon murked him off the log!

Does Simon look like:

a) a Survivor castaway with nice sunglasses

b) an IT guru desk jockey in south London

c) a Canadian Beachcomber???

I think Beach- comber! [Molly's Reach is a Canadian landmark made famous in the long-running TV show, "The Beachcombers"]
We saw our now cleared land with a new septic system!

Mike got to try out the big digger! Quote of the day was, "NOT THOSE JOY- STICKS!"
I think they liked Sechelt Inlet!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Rian loves his new sandbox that Uncle Kyle built for him! Nanna taught him about buried treasure!

Yea! Ok, it isn't exactly gold but the look on Rian's face is priceless!
Rian and his Nanna!

In our cabin- building process, the land has now been cleared!

Check out the amazing view! And just imagine if it wasn't cloudy!

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One afternoon last week, we hooked up with Nanna in the park!
When he's not tearing around and going down slides, there can be a moment of reflection!
We also saw our mate Sam on the swings!

Then off for a stroll on the Drive with Uncle Mike!

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Every year, Pete and Rian do the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life in memory of Pete's Mum, and Rian's Granny, Isobel Bonny.

It was a rainy day but the fire truck was fun! Nanna was on hand to act as photographer!

Lots of balloons!

Afterwards drying off and having a snack in the tent!
A HUGE Thank You to all who sponsored them!!!

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Wearing his Bob the Builder shirt from Grandpa Bonny, Rian helped "Uncle Tile" construct a climbing wall up to his fort!

Look at that hammer- ing action!!

Yep, Kyle was grateful for the help!

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Thomas Day!
On the sunny Sunday, we all went up to ride Thomas the Tank Engine in Squamish!Rian got to see Sam (with parents Anne-Marie and Neil) and Jonah (with dad Dan)
Jonah having a laugh with his Dad!
Rian was intrigued by the train!

Sam knows every tank engine character's name so was our tour guide!

Rian was lookin' great in his Thomas outfit from cousins Mandy and Lucy!

Had time for a little cuddle with Dad!

Thomas, Rian and I!

We all thought the little train around the grounds was the best!

Anne-Marie and her posse!

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The new bubble toy!
Rian loves bubbles so when we saw this toy in Sechelt, we brought it back as a souvineer.

Our deck has never been cleaner!
End of a long day!

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