Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sunday with Daddy!
As Mom/Nanna and I went up to the Coast to meet with the tree-clearing guy, Pete and Rian went to Maplewood Farm with Daniel and his dad Oscar!

Daniel LOVES the bunnies!

Afterwards, there was an impromptu football (soccer) game at our place with the brand new goal that Rian's great Uncle Hugh bought for Rian's 2nd birthday!

With a generous contribution from Uncle Hugh, Pete went to 3 shops to find the perfect toddler size net and its a huge hit with the under 3's!!
We think Sam might have 'goalie' tendencies...

Rian and Daniel demonstrated the proper goalie leg stance!

See, Rian would know all this from all those Saturday mornings with his Daddy watching Reading FC climb to 8th in the premiership league! Who said all TV was bad?!!
But Daniel is a kid-of action!
We didn't set the camera to 'sports' mode so had trouble catching a pic of Daniel in focus...

Then Sam changed the game to curling, another great Canadian ice sport that we excel at! Nice technique Sam!

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

We took Nova on a walk to Lynn Creek Park in North Vancouver today.
Poor Nova didn't get much of a walk as we got distracted throwing rocks in the creek!
But she got lots of treats!

Rian and his Daddy!
Our little nearly 2-year old cutie!

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Rian and the Sams on an Easter Egg Hunt!

The joy of having friends with kids the same age as Rian is that, as a group, we can get it together to organize seasonal festivities!
Like an Easter Egg Hunt!

Rian and the Sams were surprisingly good at finding the eggs!

We're going to have to up our game next year!

Opening the eggs took a little concentration but was no challenge at all!

They seemed thrilled with the organic raisins...

... and stickers! Sam knew immediately what to do!

Sticker sticking is more of an art than a science so he helped Sam put it on just the right spot!

Sam found other uses for the plastic eggs!

While Sam helped decorate the fort!

Happy Easter all!

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Spring cleaning of the tree fort!
It had to be done so yesterday we power-washed the moss and gunk from Rian's tree fort!

Roll on summer!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pete and Rian in the backyard!
Our sidewalk-chalk Rembrandt!
We're just starting the spring clean up of the backyard but that hasn't stopped Rian and his dad from making the most of daylight savings by playing ball before bed!

Action shot!

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Last weekend was beautiful here in Vancouver so we went to play at New Brighton Park overlooking the wonderful North Shore mountains!

Nova was pretending to be a well trained dog by actually fetching the ball!

Rian climbed on the play equip- ment!
And loved the springy teeter totter!

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Rian loves putting train track together!