Sunday, February 25, 2007

This weekend we saw the CN Tower! (at the BC Home and Garden Show)

At first, Rian didn't understand the purpose of the cut-out Mountie...

...But he worked it out!

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After a busy day at the park, we met up with our little friend Sam for a fresh juice!

The juice was Ok but the straw was fantastic!
Rian's working it for the camera...
For his final trick, balancing a dinosaur the head! Our dude's got talent!

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Stepping out to the local park!
Rian made a bold fashion choice with his strawberry hat and groovy vest!

It had finally stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy the slide at Britannia!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nanna turned 60... I mean, 06, on Friday!

We had a big family dinner, homemade carrot cake and balloons!

Rian likes cake!

Uncle Mike and Uncle Kyle!

My sister Kelty had just flown in from Saskatoon! She's not a fan of having her picture taken... no one knows why exactly... but we got this pic!

Someone had fun with the balloons the next morning too!

Rian at the Aquarium!

Rian does loads of cool thing on his 2 'Nanna' days per week!
Monday was the aquarium in Stanley Park looking at all the fish!

Monday, February 05, 2007

January pictures!

More Xmas presents from the Roberts' - Grandpa, Veronica, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Kelty! Considering "dawg" is one of Rian's all time favorite words, this book looks like it will be a huge hit!

'Daddy Ball' is our new game... I don't get all of the rules but so far nothing has gotten broken and Rian is a terrific kicker! He can actually aim on target! Watch out Reading FC!

Rian's fort is still one of his favourite toys!

We took a couple of day trips to the Sunshine Coast! Pete and Rian at Roberts Creek!

Pretty awesome cruise through some of the world's most amazing scenery!

Rian loves his shiny black car at Kindergym... he puts his beach ball in the back and off he goes!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Ringing in 2007, we had a potluck at our place, then over to 'Mickey Ds' (my friend Mike's new penthouse apt around the corner!).
Rian loved the (juice) shots!

Except when he was empty...

Seen here with his little friend Sam... Cheers!

Mike's friend Jan, visiting from the UK!

And Sam and his mom Anne-Marie...

It was amazing! Both boys did so wonderfully well that we stayed up until past 10 pm, counting down the new years in Winnipeg (-2 hour time difference to Vancouver)!

...parents didn't feel so good when 7 am rolled around the next day but a wonderful New Years! 2007!!
Finally, more pictures!

Not sure what happened to our January but a little flashback to Xmas, here is Rian perfecting his unwrapping skills!

Love the mugs from Aunt Karen, Uncle Duncan and my cousin Lindsey!

Bath toys are always fun!

My older brother Colin also visited from Victoria so Rian showed him around ScienceWorld.

And our 'family present' to ourselves was a new chair for Rian's room to cuddle up and read on... perfect end to a day!