Saturday, July 29, 2006

We were out for a stroll along Lonsdale Quay and saw the Jamaica Festival!

The tugboats were cool too - not as cool as 'Theodore the Tugboat' at Halifax harbour but still...

Rian loves the playground!

In fact, I became one of those parents dragging a screaming toddler away from all the fun! The new me. Great.

My easy going baby has morphed into a strong willed little guy! At least he's cute!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rian and his Aunt Kelty!

My little sis' (who looks like a model but has too much hair as you can't even see her here) was down in Vancouver and saw Rian for the first time!

Ok, ok, he cried when we first handed him to her... but look, see the nephew-auntie affection growing!

Ahh families!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunny Sunday in Vancouver!

We took a stroll in Pacific Spirit park today hoping to find some shade from the heat. [Don't let this picture fool you - his new trick is to undo the chin-strap and throw his hat!]

A video clip of Rian in his Ergo:

After a lovely walk with Nova the dog, we noticed that we had parked next to a playground in Dunbar that has an amazing water fountain play area for the kids!

Grandview ('the Drive') has one too close to our house but its a little crowded with older kids.

I'm just realising how much Rian LOVES water!

Here are a few clips I took:

Notice when the water turns off, he goes off in search of more rain:

Wow, think we should invest in a sprinkler, eh?!

Trip to Whistler! We took a weekend trip to Whistler with some friends in early July but didn't end up taking many pictures... thankfully Libby in the group did!

We ate lots of good food!

Loved the pool! And the boys in for a swim with Momma in the hot tub behind!

We finally noticed that 3 of our group looked alike!

Sam, Dan (Jonah's Dad) and Rian - that's so a good look!

Sam and Rian trying to figure out what one does with Playdoh...

Rian out for a walk, just before his nap.

Finally, while we were busy packing up, Rian discovered toilet paper!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

We went to Lynn Valley Creek today on the North Shore of Vancouver.

Rian loves water! His new trick in the tub is to have the water running and to pull up on the spout to make the shower come on - it just cracks him up!

I didn't take the camera on the walk so missed Rian playing in the creek, throwing stones. But we sure got wet!

Rian & Nova have a symbiotic relationship!

Rian loves to play and throw food, Nova loves to play and eat food!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rian and his dad!

And just a cute pic... Rian and the dog toy!

Kris Wine!

This is soooo me!

Just look at this funktastic label! Is that not me?!?

Gratitude to Melissa and Nile - it was just too good to wait till their next visit to Vancouver... But I got the picture! And the thought! That counts!!!

NB if you have a son, don't bother looking at Melissa's blog because there's just no way any of us can compete with Nile's QUAD BIKE... oh yea, and the camping, and the home cooked food, and the constant stream of admirers!! I'm already telling Rian that its Ok not to be as fortunate as Nile, he's still a good person!

... love love love the Kris wine!!

Teal Turf 2 - the Next Generation!

We may only be 15 months old but we know that the secret to good turf is adequate irrigation!

This video is funny - love the technique at the end (not sure its Rian's best look...)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rian's Walking!!!

Wow! Getting himself across the patio *upright* without help! And the results are hilarious!!!

... not sure what happened to his other shoe in these videos but it kinda adds to the comedy!

Our baby is starting to look like a little boy!

Love this pic of Rian jammin' on the double bass!

Happy guy!

When crawling just won't do - our walking toddler! You can see my attempt at re-seeding our lawn after the deck construction.

Grass was easier with Teal Turf (Pete's sister's company) close by in the UK. Wish me green....

I know all parents think their kids are cute but look at him! Am I wrong?!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More pics at the park!

We were walking by the playground on our way home this evening and Rian started whimpering and pointing, wanting to play!

He now does the loop of climbing the stairs...

A twisted decent down....

Then fast crawling back to the stairs to start again!